Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Yoga can be a powerful tool for women’s progress in the modern world. Though originally practised mainly by men, go to any yoga class today and you will likely find more women than men.

Yoga gives us skills and techniques we can take out with us into the world to help bring greater awareness and equality. Yoga teaches us to get in touch with our bodies and minds and to accept what we find, however we find it. We learn to accept and love ourselves and to gently push our boundaries so we can achieve more without forcing anything, just using the power of the breath. We move our ego out of the way so that we can be more than its narrow definition of who we are. Finding space we bring awareness and kindness to negative thoughts that come up and transform them into action.

Let’s celebrate all we have achieved today and bring positivity and hope to what we can achieve in the future!

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