New Year

Life is a succession of changes. One of the best ways to not get in the way of our own happiness is to be open to these changes. We can’t prevent change in life, what we can do is prevent our resistance to it. Letting go into the flow of things makes for a much easier ride.

Sometimes change happens to us, sometimes it’s something we instigate. New years (or even new decades!) are a great time for reflection and thinking about what changes we might wish to make to our lives. Whether we’re in a rut and want to try something new, kick an unhelpful habit, or regain something we feel we have lost, a fresh year can be the perfect time to use the collective momentum of the season to make a shift. 

One of the reasons so many resolutions fail is due to lack of planning and conflicted intentions. If we are not fully behind our resolutions we are unlikely to keep them up – part of us will sabotage the endeavour. We should make our changes realistic and achievable, or progressive so that they gradually reinforce themselves. It is difficult to get our whole selves behind any proposal but we can think about what might trip us up in advance and plan for how to deal with this so we’re not reliant on willpower alone. Eventually the power of habit will become established but before then we need to keep making positive choices to reinforce our resolution. So what will we say to ourselves when a warm bed is so much more attractive than early morning yoga? If we’ve thought of this in advance it will be easier to do. Bearing the goal in mind and dipping into our motivation is essential – why are we doing this? Positive reinforcement will also help, congratulate yourself for getting on your mat for five minutes rather than scolding yourself that it wasn’t for 20.  

New Year brings change into our consciousness, this year let’s work with change and bring a positive start to the new decade for ourselves and others.


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