The Importance of Stillness

In the modern world it can sometimes feel like there is precious little time to slow down or stop. We find ourselves in a very fast-paced world; we are bombarded by tasks, images, and noise most of the time. In order to deal with this we may distract ourselves in the least demanding ways possible – social media, our phones, Netflix, etc. It can be very easy to become detached from how we feel, our experience, and the effect this constant input is having on us.

There is a powerful way to counteract this and bring some much-needed respite to our tired minds – the power of stillness. Finding the time to just sit and notice our experience, letting our thoughts come and go, noticing but not getting caught up in these. At first it can seem difficult to do, we may experience boredom quite quickly, this is also worth noticing and letting go! It can sometimes bring things to our attention that we weren’t fully aware were bothering us, allowing us to get to know ourselves better or deal with these issues. As we go on, just sitting with our experience we find ourselves calming and opening into the space. This brings a peace and joy unrivalled in the regular busy world and sets us up from a base of spaciousness to go back out into it.

Have a go – try this week to find time each day to just sit. It doesn’t need to be long: five minutes will do at first, you can increase this over time. See what a difference this can make.


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