Grounding in difficult times

When we’re living through unusual times it can be easy to get caught up in outside energies and potentially lose our heads. Yoga reminds us of the importance of grounding our experience so we are in touch with our own energy rather than being swept up by that of others.

We can start this by becoming truly in touch with ourselves – take a moment to feel your connection with the ground, either through your feet or the seat or surface you are on. Take a few breaths and experience this connection to the earth. Notice how this brings your attention to the here and now. Take a few cleansing breaths and release any tension you notice throughout the body.

Once we get in touch with the body it gives us space so that we can investigate how we feel, notice what our own energies are like. It’s important to acknowledge and honour how we are now, however that is. We can then use the support, solidity, and connection of the earth to anchor our energies and start building positivity internally so we can reach out to others from a place of stability and help where we can, whether that’s a smile, a phone call or something bigger.


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